Oregon Lavender Festival - Loving Body Works

Last weekend, I went to the Oregon Lavender festival with my dad and we had an awesome time! We went to two different Lavender Farms and the second one we went to was Wayward Winds Lavender. They have such beautiful scenery which I will write about in another installment of my Lavender Festival blog series! They had an amazing group of vendors at the Lavender+Vintage Market that offered a variety of vintage, art and lavender products!

One of these awesome vendors was Loving Body Works, a small business that creates all natural skin care, homeopathic remedies for pain and stress, and health and wellness products! Mikayla makes wonderful products, and I absolutely love the lavender lip balm that I got while I was there! She has an etsy shop where you can purchase any of her wonderful products! This following quote is from her Etsy shop description!

Start your journey down the path to all natural living with my wonderful, all natural skin care, health and wellness and homepoathic remedies.

I started Loving Body Works because I was tired of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce in the products that I would be applying directly to my skin. So I asked myself, how could I find products to make my body happy, without breaking the bank? Thus, starting my journey in making lotions, salves and homeopathic remedies. I love my new hobby and so does my body. All of my products are made using all natural ingredients, bought locally to support local businesses. Embrace and love your body, It’s the most important asset you’ll ever own.

I make wonderful body products such as lotions and salves as well as all natural homeopathic remedies. I have focused my products on all natural pain and stress relief as well as health and wellness remedies for the common cold, headaches, allergies and more.
— Mikayla Mendenhall, Owner of Loving Body Works

You can Find Loving Body Works on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/Lovingbodyworks/

And on Etsy here:  www.etsy.com/shop/LovingBodyWorks

Here are some pictures I took of her products!